A postal fundraiser campaign was mailed in January 2018 to fund the upcoming Privilege Book, an art monograph to be designed by the same studio which made"Excellences & Perfections, Prestel, 2018".

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Privilege: The Book

Towards the end of 2015, I started Privilege, my second online-based performance, which would last for over ayear until shortly after the 2016 U.S. presidential election.
As opposed to Excellences & Perfections, where I enacted an entirely fictitious character, in Privilege I became a theatrical version of myself and the multiplicities of my “real identity”, enacted mostly in the setting of a corporate office and the nocturnal landscape of Downtown Los Angeles. Beside being a backdrop for the work, the office was simultaneously used as my studio, further complicating the dynamics of my affected persona as an artist.

Throughout the performance, I created a diverse array of visual materials from The New Yorker-style cartoons to short memetic videos, brand endorsements, fashion photoshoots and images derived from office culture and the political climate of the time. Whiteness,maleness, verticality, and linearity as the dominant aesthetic of power and legitimacy were dramatized taking the shape of a musical -or a horror movie.
Central to the performance were notions of ambiguity and expectations, primarily exemplified by the build-up of my fictional pregnancy as well as the introduction of enigmatic characters such as Alice The Car/Assistant and Bob The Pigeon, a pet-friend who would become my advisor after “sneaking” into my office and interrupting my productivity. A character, who like the rest of the work, veered between real and fake, hobby and obsession, sidekick and protagonist -good and bad taste. Privilege took on the aesthetics of vertical linearity but functioned horizontally, in different layers, in circles.
Using a multiplicity of medias, photographs, videos, drawings and installations and more. In the spirit of the performance, the book would blur similar lines, between a traditional monograph and an artist book, placing the work into a singular form, but further expanding on it as an additional supplement.


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Privilege: The Book

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